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四季烏龍茶 | 散裝茶葉 | 補充裝 | 批發優惠 | 台灣茶 | Four Seasons Oolong | Wholesale | Taiwan Tea | Chamaise

Four Seasons Oolong | Loose-leaf Tea | Refill Pack | Wholesale | Taiwan Tea

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Ingredient: Tea Leaves
Net Weight:
150g/ 600g (+/-5%)

Product Details:
Oolong tea made in Sijichun has a distinctive natural, elegant and pleasant floral fragrance, the tea is golden and translucent in colour, mellow and smooth, good for multiple steeping, sweet and unique aftertaste. It can be produced in all seasons and is suitable to drink in all seasons, so the name Four Seasons Oolong Tea.

Steeping Guide:
- Rinse the tea vessels with boiling water, put an appropriate amount of tea leaves 3-5g
- Rinse with hot water for 2 seconds to wake up the tea, steep in the hot water 150-200ml for about 1 minute according to personal taste, then serve
- Excellent for multiple steeping, add additional 30 seconds for each subsequent re-steep
- Recommended water temperature: 90-95°C

Storage: Please store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight