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About Us

Brand Philosophy - Enjoy Tea • Enjoy Life

The name CHAMAISE is inspired by the words "cha" & "mates". It means "tea gathering with friends". Same as the Chinese brand name, it represents a group of people who enjoy drinking tea and pursue quality of life.

With tea as the starting point and medium, we are not only introducing high-quality tea, whole-leaf tea bags and lifestyle products, but also organizing tea workshops and other activities.

The rocking horse element in the brand logo expressing the founder's memory of tea which was from her childhood.

We endeavor to 

  • introduce high-quality teas from all around the world, retaining the traditional essence while adding modern elements
  • promote tea culture, to have more people enjoy tea tasting and keep a healthier body and mind through drinking tea
  • remind us to always cherish the moment, by quoting the Japanese tea ceremony idiom "One Encounter, One Chance" (いちごいちえ)

Product Packaging - Modern Elegance, Good for different occasions

Different from traditional packaging, the major design elements are modern and exquisite, suitable for both gifting and personal use.
To cater customers' need, we provide gift customization services, with flexibility in order quantity.

Product Quality - A century of craftsmanship, making tea with heart

We cooperate with well-known tea factory in Taiwan, most of our tea comes from high-quality local tea area. A century-old inheritance of tea-making craftsmanship ensures the product quality and standard. The hand-picked high mountain tea collection is our main product.

Innovation and Product Diversification

In addition to traditional loose tea, we have successively launched the popular pyramid tea bags and other high-quality teas from all around the world, including fruit tea and herbal tea etc. We also extend our product lines to teaware, lifestyle products and provide service of tea workshops.

Social Responsibility - Product Safety and Environmental Friendly

We use Japanese corn fiber (PLA) material in our Taiwan Pyramid Whole-leaf Tea Bag collection, which is eco-friendly and safe, giving our customers peace of mind while caring for our planet.


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