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Right Time for the Right Tea

Tea is a daily drink to quench thirst and benefit health. We mentioned the six types of tea and caffeine in previous article. Many people do not dare to drink tea because they are afraid that they will not be able to sleep at night. Let us understand its nature and choose the right time to enjoy tea and the benefits of drinking tea.

Green tea is an unfermented tea, which contains the most catechins and the least caffeine. Some fermented teas, such as oolong tea, contain the second catechins while black tea which is fully fermented contains the least catechins but the most caffeine.

In the morning - Black Tea: Black tea contains more caffeine. After breakfast, a cup of black tea can refresh our mind and start the work of the day. As it contains more caffeine, avoid drinking with an empty stomach or have adverse reactions such as palpitation and frequent urination. Black tea also contains antioxidants, and also has a lot of tannins, which can lower cholesterol and blood sugar. However, sugar and milk cannot be added.

Afternoon - Oolong Tea or Green Tea: A cup of oolong tea or green tea in the afternoon after lunch is good for our liver health.

After dinner - Dark Tea: Dark tea contains low caffeine. Having a cup of dark tea (such as Pu-erh tea) 1-2 hours after dinner, is good for digestion and also improves our immune system.